CHURCH DONE DIFFERENTLY was planted on the east side of Rochester in 2010.

There are a lot of community churches in Webster, Penfield, East Rochester, Brighton, and Fairport, NY, and there are even more churches in the Greater Rochester area. So why do we need another church?

If everyone went to church this Sunday, there wouldn’t be enough room. So let's re-phrase the question in order to answer it: We don’t need another church; we need a different kind of church for those who don't currently attend.

We are affiliated with the Free Methodist Church of North America (find out what we believe). We are a fun, contemporary, modern, casual, friendly, biblical church. We are a community church that's designed for someone just like you. To be a church for someone like you means that church needs to be done a little differently. 


At FreeChurch, you will find real, authentic, ordinary people. We have junk in our past just like everyone else. We are not perfect and we don't expect perfection. We sin and mess up every day. And we also ask Christ for forgiveness for our sins every day. In spite our brokenness, we live to glorify God. And we walk this faith journey together as a fellowship of the flawed—individuals who have found hope, healing, and wholeness through Christ's work in us.


Worship services are informal. Some people wear ties, some wear jeans. Regardless of what you’re wearing, you are welcome. The music rocks, the worship is meaningful, and the messages are practical and helpful to living everyday life. We’re just a group of ordinary people serving an extraordinary God.


We communicate God’s timeless story using today’s language and modern Bible translations. In fact, we’ll use any tool at our disposal to help us communicate the truth found in God’s word. During our worship services, we worship and learn through contemporary music, prayer, multimedia, and creative biblical teaching.


Our faith is based on the person and work of Jesus Christ, and the Bible is where the history of salvation and Christ’s teachings are found. God’s Word provides us with all that is necessary for faith, so we look to the Scriptures for wisdom, understanding, guidance, and truth. Messages are taught in creative, practical ways that make it easy to understand.


What could be more meaningful than making a connection with the One who created you? We want all people to be reconciled to the God of the universe, to become free from sin, and to experience a new and abundant life through Christ—a life filled with love, hope, joy, and peace.


As you enter a FreeChurch environment, you will be accepted for who you are no matter what you look like, what you believe, or what you’ve done in your past. You'll be welcomed as friends and we’ll do all we can to make you feel at home. We want to know your name! One of the best ways to connect with other people is in small discussion or activity groups we call Life Groups


We know it sounds crazy, but we actually have a lot of fun church! The life of an authentic church goes way beyond the worship service. We are a community of people who love doing life together—and not just on Sundays. You can check out the massive amount of fun we have on our Facebook page.

Kid's JAM (K–5th grade)

Kid's JAM, our children’s program, equips kids to learn as they watch the Bible come alive each Sunday. They are taught how to apply these biblical principles to their real, everyday lives. Jesus becomes more than a historical person we merely learn about; he becomes the one who walks through life with us. 

Li’l Jammers & Jungle JAM (0–2 & Pre-K)

You are more than welcome to keep your children with you during the service, but child care is available for your convenience. We've created a safe, healthy, and fun environment where your child can be cared for while you are in the service. Find out more about Li'l Jammers and Jungle JAM.