Why do we pray? Is God really listening? If so, why does

it seem that some prayers don't get answered? This series

addresses these questions and more. 

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  • WEEK 1:

    talking to god

    If prayer is a core characteristic of every Christian and has the power to change our lives, why do many believers find it so difficult? Watch to find a new perspective on prayer.

  • WEEK 2:

    jesus' 2-step prayer method

    Do you ever run out of things to pray about? Are your prayers mainly a list of wants? Discover the simple 2-step prayer method Jesus taught his disciples. 

  • WEEK 3:

    the lord's prayer

    When the disciples asked Jesus how to pray, he taught them what we now call "The Lord's Prayer." Find out what we can learn from this world famous prayer.

  • WEEK 4:

    refocusing our prayers

    Often we hear people praying and asking God to do things for them, but Jesus teaches us to pray that God's will be done. It's Thy will, not my will. Find out how this change in focus can add power to your prayers.

  • WEEK 5:

    when god says "no"

    We believe that God answers prayer. But it's not always the answer we want or in the time frame we had in mind. Find out why God sometimes says "no" to our prayers.

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  • WEEK 6:

    persistent prayer

    What should we do if we pray and nothing happens? Find out the odd story Jesus told the disciples to help them know what to do when we feel like our prayers aren't being heard.