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  • 3 - Who is jesus christ?

    3.25.18 | VIDEO          SPEAKER: TROY BASSETT

    Who you think Jesus is really defines your faith and your worldview. Was he a liar, a lunatic, or actually the Lord?

  • 2 - almighty & personal

    3.18.18 | VIDEO          SPEAKER: TROY BASSETT

    Is God just watching us from a distance or does he truly interact with us personally? Find out why we believe God is both almighty and personal.

  • 1 - i believe

    3.11.18 | VIDEO          SPEAKER: TROY BASSETT

    How would you summarize your faith in just a few phrases? It's a pretty difficult task. Thankfully, it's already been done. Watch to learn why the Apostles' Creed still matters. 

  • 6 - Persistent prayer

    3.4.18 | VIDEO          SPEAKER: TROY BASSETT

    What should we do if we pray and nothing happens? Find out the odd story Jesus told the disciples to help them know what to do when we feel like our prayers aren't being heard. 

  • 5 - When god says "no"

    2.25.18 | VIDEO          SPEAKER: TROY BASSETT

    We believe that God answers prayer. But it's not always the answer we want or in the time frame we had in mind. Find out why God sometimes says "no" to our prayers.

    [Apologies for audio quality—technical difficulties.]

  • 4 - Refocusing our prayers

    2.18.18 | VIDEO          SPEAKER: TROY BASSETT

    Often we hear people praying and asking God to do things for them, but Jesus teaches us to pray that God's will be done. It's Thy will, not my will. Find out how this change in focus can add power to your prayers.

  • 3 - The Lord's prayer

    2.11.18 | VIDEO          SPEAKER: TROY BASSETT

    When the disciples asked Jesus how to pray, he taught them what we now call "The Lord's Prayer." Find out what we can learn from this world famous prayer.

  • Football Sunday 2018

    2.4.18 | VIDEO          SPEAKER: NFL PLayers

    NFL players share their stories of faith: Carson Wentz, Malcolm Jenkins, Matthew Slater, Jordan Hicks, Nate Solder, Brandin Cooks, Matt Forte, Demario Davis, Trey Burton, Kelvin Beachum. Hosted by CBS Anchor, James Brown.

  • 2 - Jesus' 2-step Prayer Method

    1.28.18 | VIDEO          SPEAKER: TROY BASSETT

    Do you ever run out of things to pray about? Are your prayers mainly a list of wants? Discover the simple 2-step prayer method Jesus taught his disciples. 

  • 1 - talking to god

    1.21.18 | VIDEO          SPEAKER: TROY BASSETT

    If prayer is a core characteristic of every Christian and has the power to change our lives, why do many believers find it so difficult? Watch to find a new perspective on prayer.

  • The World race

    1.14.18 | VIDEO          INterview: Caitlin Hunter

    What could God do on an extreme mission trip traveling to 11 countries in 11 months? Find out as Caitlin Hunter shares about her experience and how God changed her perspective in many ways.

  • 3 - the angels' SONG: How did god come?

    12.17.17 | VIDEO          SPEAKER: TROY BASSETT

    What do you see when you see Jesus in the manger? A helpless baby? The son of God? The creator of the world? The God of the universe? He's actually all of these an more.

  • 2 - zechariah'S SONG: WHy do we need god?

    12.10.17 | VIDEO          SPEAKER: TROY BASSETT

    Zechariah wrote a song that points us to the reason we all need God. Watch to find out why.

  • 1 - Mary's song: What is God like?

    12.3.17 | VIDEO          SPEAKER: TROY BASSETT

    It would be hard to image Christmas without music—even the first Christmas was filled with songs! Discover four Christmas songs you probably haven't sung before, but that tell us what Christmas is really about.

  • 4 - Tomorrow matters

    11.25.17 | VIDEO          SPEAKER: TROY BASSETT

    If tomorrow matters, then we need to pay attention to what we do today, because today lays the groundwork for tomorrow. Find out how to prepare for a strong financial future

  • 3 - giving is good

    11.19.17 | VIDEO          SPEAKER: TROY BASSETT

    If giving actually blesses the receiver AND the giver, then why don't people give more? Find out how to grow in generosity by embracing a giving mindset.


    11.12.17 | VIDEO          SPEAKER: TROY BASSETT

    No one ever said, "Since I got into debt, my life is so much better!" Debt is bad—and it can definitely cause stress. Find out some practical ways to take control of your financial debt.

  • 1 - less is more

    11.5.17 | VIDEO          SPEAKER: TROY BASSETT

    We live in a culture where we've been programmed to believe that more is always better. But what if less is actually more?

  • 5 - descending into greatness

    10.29.17 | VIDEO          SPEAKER: TROY BASSETT

    Many of us are on a constant pursuit of more and better: a better job, to make more money, to build a great family, and move upward in our lives. But what if the way to greatness is actually downward? 

  • 4 - Gazing through god's eyes

    10.22.17 | VIDEO          Speaker: Troy Bassett

    When you meet someone, do you make judgements about them or do you value them as a person made in the image of God? What if you could see them as God does; looking past outward appearances and seeing the person inside?

  • Faith with boots on

    10.15.17 | VIDEO          Guest Speaker: Megan Hoose

    The gospel proclaims that there is freedom in Christ. However, there are thousands of  children who are enslaved in our modern times. Find out how you can help these kids through International Chid Care Ministries!


    10.8.17 | VIDEO          Guest Video Speaker: Craig Groeschel

    Words are powerful. They can beat us down and lift us up. They wound and they heal. And the right words at the right time can be exactly what we need to hear—or what we need to say.  Find the right words in this message.

  • 3 - The Treatment for temptation

    10.1.17 | VIDEO            Speaker: Troy Bassett

    As Christians, we're called to live holy, righteous lives, but temptations lurk around every corner of our lives. How can we live lives that are pleasing to God amongst so many obstacles?

  • 2 - Tackling Life's trials

    9.24.17 | VIDEO            SPEAKER: TROY BASSETT

    We all face difficulties in life, but what's the best way to handle them? Trials can actually be beneficial to our spiritual well-being. Find out a new way to tackle life's trials.  [Apologies for the audio. Tech issues today.]

  • 1 - signs of life

    9.17.17 | VIDEO            SPEAKER: TROY BASSETT

    If you're alive, you have a pulse and perform some kind of action. If you are alive spiritually, you're life should reflect your faith in your actions. Otherwise, you may be spiritually dead. 


    9.3.17 | VIDEO            SPEAKER: TROY BASSETT

    In this final segment of this series, find out how we can manage stress as followers of Jesus. 

  • 5 - Vocational PEACE

    8.27.17 | VIDEO            SPEAKER: TROY BASSETT

    Are you ever stressed out with your job? You're not alone. Whether you're a student, working in your home or in the marketplace,  jobs cause lots of stress. Find how a  perspective about money can lead to vocational  peace.

  • 4 - Financial PEACE

    8.20.17 | VIDEO            SPEAKER: TROY BASSETT

    With so many people in debt and little savings, financial problems are a stressful realty. Maybe it's because there is a spiritual side to finances. Find out how trusting God with your money can lead to financial peace.


    8.13.17 | VIDEO            Guest video SPEAKER: Ben Stuart

    The apostle Paul encourages us to cast our anxiety onto Christ, but how does one actually do that? Watch this inspiring message to find out.

  • 2 - Give Yourself a Break

    8.6.17 | VIDEO            SPEAKER: TROY BASSETT

    The natural rhythms of days, weeks, months, and years are built our lives—including times for rest. Yet in our fast paced world, many disregard the need for rest & replenishment. Find out why God wants you to give yourself a break.

  • 1 - Margin

    7.30.17 | VIDEO            SPEAKER: TROY BASSETT

    We live in a culture that pushes us to the limit. Buy more, do more, accomplish more, conquer more, more, more, more! How do we get to a place where we experience rest and peace? By creating margin in our lives.

  • 5 - Maker of miracles

    7.23.17 | VIDEO

    Guest Video Speaker:  Christine Caine

    No one knows more about something than its creator. We see this with mothers and children, architects and buildings, and painters and their art. But is it true for miracles too? Let’s discover what we can learn from the Maker of Miracles.

  • 4 - The Psalms

    7.16.17 | VIDEO

    This short film documents the friendship between Bono (of the band U2) and Eugene Peterson (author of The Message Bible) revolving around their common interest in the Psalms. Producer David Taylor guides the intimate conversation that took place between Bono and Peterson at Peterson’s Montana home.

  • 3 - ASK IT, PART 4:  The beginning

    7.9.17 | VIDEO

    Guest Video Speaker: Andy Stanley

    You are painting a picture entitled Your Life. It’s made up of a series of decisions. And you don’t get to hide your early endeavors in the attic. You get only one canvas. Where do you start? Watch to find out.

  • 2 - ASK IT, PART 5:  hold my hand

    7.2.17 | VIDEO

    Guest Video Speaker: Andy Stanley

    Personal decisions are emotional, but our emotions make the obvious less obvious. How can we make wise decisions when emotions are raging? Find out how to avoid making short-sighted, emotionally-charged decisions. 

  • 1 - Ask it, Part 4:  Edged out

    6.25.17 | VIDEO

    Guest Video Speaker: Andy Stanley

    We all look for excuses to tell ourselves "yes" when we should tell ourselves "no."  In this message, Andy Stanley explains that there's a difference between "not wrong" and "right."

  • At the movies

    Our At the Movies series contains copy-written material and therefore is not available online. To participate in this fun series, plan on coming to FreeChurch on a Sunday morning at 10AMMay 21–June 11, 2017. Consider yourself invited! 

    Click here for more details.

  • 4 - Faith to Start

    5.14.17 | VIDEO

    Speaker: Troy Bassett

    When we sense we're supposed to do something, how do we move get started? This message helps us muster the faith to start as we look at the life of Nehemiah.

  • 3 -Trust the process

    5.7.17 | VIDEO

    Speaker: Troy Bassett

    How do we know we're making the right decisions in life? The pathway to following God's will is to trust the process. What's the process? Watch to find out.

  • 2 -Wisdom to Discern

    4.30.17 | Video

    Speaker: Troy Bassett

    We make so many choices every day, how do we make sure we make the right ones? This message reveals a 3-step process to making wise decisions.

  • 1 - Power to become

    4.23.17 | VIDEO

    Speaker: Troy Bassett

    If you've ever asked God what he wants you to do, you may be asking the wrong question. Watch to find out what a better question is to give you direction in your life.

  • Bringing Dead Things Back to Life

    4.17.17 | VIDEO

    Speaker: Troy Bassett

    Why Easter? Because God is in the business of brining dead things back to life. Feeling defeated? Watch to find hope.

  • 4 - Keeping Storms in Perspective

    4.9.17 | VIDEO

    Speaker: Troy Bassett

    We can get so focused on our pain in difficult situations that we forget God is at work—that there's a bigger picture. Find out how to keep storms in perspective. 

  • 3 - An unshakable foundation

    4.2.17 | VIDEO

    Speaker: Troy Bassett

    Surviving storms requires a solid foundation, but what does Jesus mean when he tells us to build our house on the rock? You might be surprised.


    3.26.17 | VIDEO

    Speaker: Troy Bassett

    Sometimes we find ourselves in a stormy circumstances. Why doesn't God fix these situations? Discover a surprising opportunity in your next storm.

  • 1 - Is Jesus in Your Boat?

    3.19.17 | VIDEO

    Speaker: Troy Bassett

    Just like real storms, we also go through situational, relational, and emotional storms. How can we navigate the next storm well? Watch to find out.

  • 3 - Share your story

    3.12.17 | Video

    Speaker: Troy Bassett

    Everyone has a story. When Jesus heals a blind man, the man wants to share his story, but the people just want an explanation.

  • 2 - a conspiracy of kindness

    2.26.17 | VIDEO

    Speaker: Troy Bassett

    Jesus came to be the servant of all, yet many of us spend most of our time thinking about ourselves. How can we become more others-focussed?

  • 1 - Shining like stars

    2.19.17 | VIDEO

    Speaker: Troy Bassett

    Jesus said that his followers are the light of the world. The question is, how much light are you shining on the world around you?

  • 16 - The faith hall of fame

    2.12.17 | VIDEO

    Speaker: Troy Bassett  (Hebrews 11:1–12:3)

    Heroes often inspire us. Discover some of the most influential people in the Bible and how their faith inspires us to live today.

  • 15 - Move forward in your faith

    2.5.17 | VIDEO

    Speaker: Troy Bassett  (Hebrews 10:23–25)

    The key to growing deeper in faith is probably not the thing you'd guess. It's community. Faith grows best in relationships. Watch to find out why.

  • 14 - Bad News, Good News

    1.29.17 | VIDEO

    Speaker: Troy Bassett (Hebrews 9:15–28)

    When you die and meet God, what will he think about the life you've lived? This message asks the important question: Are you ready to die?

  • 13 - A clean conscience

    1.22.17 | VIDEO

    Speaker: Troy Bassett (Hebrews 9:1–14)  

    Haunting us with ugly things from our past, guilt can be a powerful force. Hebrews 9 shows us the path to a clean conscience.

  • 12 - The new covenant

    1.15.17 | VIDEO

    Speaker: Troy Bassett (Hebrews 8)

    Why is there an Old Testament and New Testament in the Bible? What's the difference? Find out in this message.

  • 11 - A New and final priesthood

    1.8.17 | VIDEO

    Speaker: Troy Bassett    (Hebrews 7:11–28)

    When Jesus arrived on the scene, there was already an established priesthood in place, so why did he want to change it? Watch to find out.

  • 4 - PEACE of mind

    12.18.16 | VIDEO

    Speaker: Troy Bassett

    Do you ever get caught up in the stress and worries of life? It's easy to do. Learn how a simple change in your perspective can decrease your worry-factor.

  • 3 - PEACE with god

    12.11.16 | VIDEO

    Speaker: Troy Bassett

    Difficult circumstances can cause people to question if God cares about them or even doubt his existence. Discover how to overcome resentment toward God.

  • 2 - PEACE with others

    12.4.16 | VIDEO

    Speaker: Troy Bassett

    God calls us to be peacemakers, but that is often easier said than done. This message explores how to be a person of peace. (Apologies for the audio)

  • 1 - Peace on earth?

    11.27.16 | VIDEO

    Speaker: Troy Bassett

    During the noise, hurry, and crowds of the Christmas season, how can we find peace on earth? Find out what peace on earth is all about. 

  • 10 - Who the Heck is Melchizedek?

    11.20.16 | VIDEO

    Speaker: Troy Bassett   (Hebrews 7:1–10)

    What can an obscure, mysterious priest, barely mentioned in the Bible, have to do with my life? Find out why Melchizedek is important to Christian theology.

  • 9 - Holding on to Hope

    11.13.16 | VIDEO

    Speaker: Troy Bassett   (Hebrews 6:13–20)

    Do you feel hope-filled or hopeless? This message looks back at the story of Abraham as an example to instill our hope for the future.

  • 8 - Drink in the Rain

    11.6.16 | VIDEO

    Speaker: Troy Bassett   (Hebrews 6:4–12)

    This message tackles the difficult question: "Can you lose your salvation?"

  • 7 - Moving from Milk to Meat

    10.30.16 | VIDEO

    Speaker: Troy Bassett   (Hebrews 5:11–6:3)

    It's easy start coasting in our spiritual lives, but God wants more from us than that. Learn how to go deeper as we move from milk to meat.

  • 6 - Jesus, Our High Priest

    10.23.16 | VIDEO

    Speaker: Troy Bassett   (Hebrews 4:14–5:10)

    Get the big picture of the Bible, starting with the tabernacle in the Old Testament and culminating in Jesus' role as High Priest.

  • 5 - Don't harden your heart

    10.16.16 | VIDEO

    Speaker: Troy Bassett   (Hebrews 3:1–4:13)

    We are all in danger of having our hearts hardened by the deceitfulness of sin. Watch this message to find out how to keep your heart open to God.

  • 4 - Jesus: fully human

    10.2.16 | video

    Speaker: Troy Bassett   (Hebrews 2:5–18) 

    Hebrews argues that Jesus is God, but why does it matter that Jesus was fully human? Because he was fully human, he understands you.

  • 3 - beware the drift

    9.25.16 | audio

    Speaker: Troy Bassett   (Hebrews 2:1–4) 

    Believers all face times when they begin to drift away from their relationship with Christ.  Learn some ways to avoid the drift.

  • 2 - Greater than Angels, Center of it All

    9.18.16 | VIDEO

    Speaker: Troy Bassett   (Hebrews 1:1–14)

    The author of Hebrews claims not only that Jesus Christ is God, but that he is the creator of the world. Watch to learn how he comes to this conclusion.

  • 1 - The supremacy of christ

    9.10.16 | VIDEO

    Speaker: Troy Bassett   (Hebrews 1:1–3) 

    The theme of Hebrews is that no other person, god, or other being is greater than Jesus Christ.   (NOTE: The audio clears up after the 1st minute.)

  • Reaching & TEaching

    8.21.16 | VIDEO

    In this special service, Pastor Troy interviews Adam & Mollie Flasch and our National Champion Bible Quiz Team, displaying how our mission has been at work in the lives of these individuals.

  • 3 - Community CARE

    7.3.16 | VIDEO

    Guest Speaker: Ryan Rovito

    Get the scoop on why God designed people to live together in a healthy biblical community.

  • 2 - Creation Care

    6.26.16 | VIDEO

    Guest Speaker: Ryan Rovito

    What role does God expect people to play in caring for the world around us? Find out in this message.

  • 1 - God's Big Plan

    6.19.16 | VIDEO

    Guest Speaker: Ryan Rovito

    Have you ever wondered why we're here on this planet? What's the big idea? This message give you a glimpse into God's big plan. 

  • 10 - The destruction of desire

    6.12.16 | VIDEO

    Speaker: Troy Bassett

    DO NOT COVET  This command addresses a thought life that can lead us down a path to destruction. Find out how to control the desire to covet.

  • 9 - LIVE TO GIVE

    6.5.16 | VIDEO

    Speaker: Troy Bassett

    DO NOT LIE   So you tell a few lies, so what? What's the big deal? THThe truth will set you free. How does that work? Find out in this message.

  • 8 - Live to give

    5.29.16 | VIDEO

    Speaker: Troy Bassett

    DO NOT STEAL  If this "don't" command is not to steal, then the "do" side of the command to be giving and generous. Watch to find out why.

  • 7 - Stronger in Marriage

    5.22.16 | VIDEO

    Guest Video Speaker:  Shauna Niequist

    DO NOT COMMIT ADULTERY  With so many marriages ending in divorce, marriage may seem impossible?  Find out 6 ways to keep your marriage strong.

  • 6 - Imago Dei

    5.15.16 | VIDEO

    Speaker: Troy Bassett

    DO NOT MURDER  Your first reaction to this commandment might be: got it—check that one off. But wait...Jesus takes this idea to a whole new level.

  • 5 - Honor your parents

    5.8.16 | VIDEO

    Speaker: Troy Bassett

    HONOR YOUR FATHER AND MOTHER   For some, this is a hard one. How can you honor someone that you may not respect?  Watch to find out.

  • 4 - give Yourself a break

    5.1.16 | VIDEO

    Speaker: Troy Bassett

    REMEMBER THE SABBATH AND KEEP IT HOLY  This commandment may seem insignificant next to murder and adultery. Find out why the sabbath still matters.

  • 3 - The name of God

    4.24.16 | VIDEO

    Speaker: Troy Bassett

    DO NOT MISUSE GOD'S NAME  This commandment warns us to not misuse God's name. But who cares? Find out why God cares in this message.

  • 2 - Gods & idols

    4.17.16 | VIDEO

    Speaker: Troy Bassett

    DO NOT WORSHIP IDOLS  God is getting squeezed out of our lives by other things. Are these things idols? Watch to find out.

  • 1 - Moses on the mountain

    4.3.16 | VIDEO

    Speaker: Troy Bassett

    THE TEN COMMANDMENTS  When God showed up on Mount Sinai, the people of God experienced what it's like to stand in the presence of a holy God. 

  • 3 - Take the Narrow Path

    3.27.16 | video

    Speaker: Troy Bassett

    When you saw a man killed and buried, the last thing you'd expect to see is that man breathing again—but that's why the resurrection is still relevant today. 

  • 2 - an Anchor of hope

    3.21.16 | AUDIO

    Speaker: Troy Bassett

    The last week of Christ's life began joyfully, but as the week went on, things quickly unraveled. Get the whole story of the crucifixion in this podcast.

  • 1 - Share Your Story

    3.13.16 | Audio

    Speaker: Troy Bassett

    Did you know that you have the opportunity to be a part of God's grand plan for humanity? It's true! Find out how in this message about sharing your story.

  • 4 - Fighting fair

    3.6.16 | VIDEO

    Speaker: Troy Bassett

    All couples fight, but the key is how they fight. Healthy couples fight fair. Learn the basics on what it takes to fight fair.

  • 3 - Unity + humility = longevity

    2.21.16 | Audio

    Speaker: Troy Bassett

    Can a marriage last a lifetime? This message looks at a formula that might make a big difference in your relationship: Unity + Humility = Longevity.

  • 2 - the language of love

    2.14.16 | VIDEO

    Speaker: Troy Bassett

    Do you ever feel like you're speaking a foreign language in your relationships? Here's what you can do to communicate your love in a way that actually works. 

  • 1 - it takes three

    2.7.16 | VIDEO

    Speaker: Troy Bassett

    If 50% of marriages end in divorce, is it really possible for two people to stay happily married forever? Find out 4 ways to keep the embers of love glowing.

  • 4 - Getting into God’s Word

    1.24.16 | VIdeo

    Speaker: Troy Bassett

    Over the centuries, the Bible has moved individuals to make transformational changes. Discover 3 practical ways to get into God's Word.

  • 3 - Why church?

    1.17.16 | VIDEO

    Speaker: Troy Bassett

    Why go to church? Discover why Jesus established the church and why getting together with other believers is still vitally important for us today.

  • 2 - Get In a Group

    1.10.16 | VIDEO

    Speaker: Troy Bassett

    Jesus was found in crowds, small groups, with his inner circle, and he spent time alone. Find out how this should translate into our personal social patterns.

  • 1 - three Principles for Change

    1.3.16 | AUDIO

    Speaker: Troy Bassett

    It’s a new year, but with the same old problems. Want to change? The time to ReStart is now. Discover 3 ways to make positive changes in this new year.

  • 4 - Directionally Challenged

    12.20.15 | Video

    Speaker: Troy Bassett

    Has you life ever veered off course? If you're human it probably has! Find out how to keep your life on course in this message.

  • 3 - Ordinary people

    12.13.15 | audio

    Speaker: Troy Bassett

    Have you ever felt ordinary? Then step right up! Find out how God uses ordinary, weak, and lowly people to do extraordinary work for His glory.

  • 2 - x marks the spot

    12.6.15 | Video

    Speaker: Troy Bassett

    Sometimes we have a difficult time remembering what Christmas is all about. Learn some practical tips for keeping your focus on Christ this season.

  • 1 - Keep the "X" in CHristmas

    11.29.15 | audio

    Speaker: Troy Bassett

    It might seem strange, but Christians should embrace the spelling of “Xmas” because…we invented it! Find out the truth about “Xmas” this Christmas.