Lazy Days of Summer

Have you ever wanted to truly unwind and relax? When is the

last time that happened? We weren't designed to work 24/7

running at 110%. Find out how God designed us to live a different way.

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  • WEEK 1:


    We live in a culture that pushes us to the limit. Buy more, do more, accomplish more, conquer more, more, more, more! How do we get to a place where we experience rest and peace? By creating margin in our lives.

  • WEEK 3:

    the god of peace

    Guest Video Speaker: Ben Stuart

    The apostle Paul encourages us to cast our anxiety onto Christ, but how does one actually do that? Watch this inspiring message to find out.

  • WEEK 2:

    give yourself a break

    The natural rhythms of days, weeks, months, and years are built our lives—including times for rest. Yet in our fast paced world, many disregard the need for rest & replenishment. Find out why God wants you to give yourself a break.

  • WEEK 5:

    vocational peace

    Are you ever stressed out with your job? You're not alone. Whether you're a student, working in your home or in the marketplace,  jobs cause lots of stress. Find how a  perspective about money can lead to vocational  peace.

  • WEEK 4:

    financial peace

    With so many people in debt and little savings, financial problems are a stressful realty. Maybe it's because there is a spiritual side to finances. Find out how trusting God with your money can lead to financial peace.

  • WEEK 6:

    trusting god with your future

    In this final segment of this series, find out how we can manage stress as followers of Jesus.