Journey to the Cross

Follow Jesus through the final week of his life. A week filled with triumph, mystery, betrayal, violence, and death. This week not only changed the history of humanity, but the result of these events still changes the lives of individuals to this day. 

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  • WEEK 1:

    A doneky, a jar, and the last meal

    Discover three situations where Jesus called his disciples to do some crazy things leading up to his death on the cross. Find out how they responded and how that might help us know how to respond to God's call in our own life.

  • WEEK 2:

    friendship, betrayal, & forgiveness

    If you've been betrayed you know the pain goes deep. All of Jesus' disciples turned their backs on him the night before he was crucified. But that's not the end of the story. Find out why forgiveness forms the foundation of our faith. 

  • WEEK 3

    who is jesus?

    Many people have questions about who Jesus was—and is. Was he just a man? A prophet? A wise teacher? Or was he actually God? Find out why this is such an important question for every person.

  • WEEK 4

    It is finished

    Jesus' last words were "It is Finished." Find out what this means for us today and how it can free us of the guilt and pain so many of us carry around for too long.