"I believe..." 

How would you finish that sentence? 

Sometimes it's hard to articulate what we believe. In this series 

we're digging the specifics of what we believe about God, 

Jesus, the Holy Spirit, the church and more. 

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  • WEEK 1:

    i believe

    How would you summarize your faith in just a few phrases? It's a pretty difficult task. Thankfully, it's already been done. Watch to learn why the Apostles' Creed still matters. 

  • WEEK 2:

    almighty & personal

    Is God just watching us from a distance or does he truly interact with us personally? Find out why we believe God is both almighty and personal.

  • WEEK 3:

    Who is jesus christ?

    Who you think Jesus is really defines your faith and your worldview. Was he a liar, a lunatic, or actually the Lord?

  • WEEK 4:

    jesus: man • maker • messiah

    What do Christians actually believe about Jesus? Watch to find out.

  • WEEK 5:

    The Holy spirit

    What exactly is the Trinity, and more specifically, who is the Holy Spirit? Find out about the more shy person of the Godhead.

  • WEEK 6:

    why church?

    What is the holy catholic church? Why is it important to be an active participant in the established Body of Christ? Find out why Christianity was never intended to be a "me" religion, but a "we" religion. 

  • WEEK 7:


    For some, accepting God's forgiveness may be a challenge, but for others, forgiving someone who wronged you may seem almost impossible. Find out why forgiveness is so important to our faith.

  • WEEK 8:

    To Infinity and beyond

    What does the Bible say happens to us after we die? The Apostles' Creed talks about the resurrection of the body. Find out why this gives believers hope for the future.