What exactly is faith? A feeling? A wish? Good luck? This series focuses on what it takes to have an unwavering faith in Jesus—despite difficult circumstances. This kind of faith is not passive, it is an active faith that motivates us to action. 

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  • WEEK 1:

    What is faith?

    Hebrews 11:6 says without faith it is impossible to please God. What does it mean to have real, true faith? This message looks at what it takes to have a rock solid faith in God, regardless of your circumstances.

  • WEEK 2:

    Faith to Walk on water

    We've all heard that Jesus walked on water, but don't forget that Peter did too. Stepping out of the boat takes courageous faith. Find out what it takes to have that kind of faith.

  • WEEK 3:

    How big is your faith?

    Jesus often pointed out how little faith the disciples had, while he was amazed at the big faith he saw in other people. What does it take to have big faith?