Divine Direction

Should I take this new job? How many kids should we have? Should I dump him? What does God want from me? If you ever had a difficult decision to make, this series might help you see things a little clearer. 

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  • 1 - The power to become

    If you've ever asked God what he wants you to do, you may be asking the wrong question. Watch to find out what a better question is to give you direction in your life.

  • 3 - Trust the process

    How do we know we're making the right decisions in life? The pathway to following God's will is to trust the process. What's the process? Watch to find out.

  • 4 - faith to start

    When we sense we're supposed to do something, how do we move get started? This message helps us muster the faith to start as we look at the life of Nehemiah.