Check Your Pulse

The main theme of the book of James is that faith without
works is dead. Is your faith alive? Do you have a spiritual pulse? 

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  • Week 1:

    Signs of life

    If you're alive, you have a pulse and perform some kind of action. If you are alive spiritually, you're life should reflect your faith in your actions. Otherwise, you may be spiritually dead. 

  • WEEK 2:

    Tackling Life's Trials

    We all face difficulties in life, but what's the best way to handle them? Trials can actually be beneficial to our spiritual well-being. Find out a new way to tackle life's trials.  [Apologies for the audio. Tech issues today.]

  • WEEK 3:

    the treatment for temptation

    As Christians, we're called to live holy, righteous lives, but temptations lurk around every corner of our lives. How can we live lives that are pleasing to God amongst so many obstacles?

  • WEEK 4:

    gazing through god's eyes

    When you meet someone, do you make judgements about them or do you value them as a person made in the image of God? What if you could see them as God does; looking past outward appearances and seeing the person inside?

  • WEEK 5:

    descending into greatness

    Many of us are on a constant pursuit of more and better: a better job, to make more money, to build a great family, and move upward in our lives. But what if the way to greatness is actually downward?