Walking the Ancient Paths

Which way do you go when you're standing at a crossroads? Scripture suggests that if we look to the ancient paths and walk in their good way, we will find rest for our soul. This series focuses on how to walk the ancient path.  

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  • WEEK 1:

    Walking the Ancient Paths

    What is an ancient path and how do we begin to walk down it? Find out the answer to that question and also what you will experience if you choose to venture down this path.

  • WEEK 2:

    two paths

    Psalm 1 describes walking the ancient paths as a daily choice to follow one of two paths. Watch to find out the why the path we choose is ultimately a crucial decision.

  • WEEK 3:

    Choosing the right path

    God wants us to follow his good way in life, but we often don't do it. Find out why we so often choose the wrong path and what we can do to stay on the right one.