Since launching our church 8 years ago, we have worshiped in 2 school auditoriums and (for the past 6 years) in a school gymnasium. We have experienced the fact that "church" is not a location, but a group of people committed to meeting together to worship God and we're excited to move into this next season of ministry. 

We are now meeting on Sundays at 11AM

Brighton Presbyterian Church

1775 East Ave, Rochester, NY  14610

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Click here to watch Pastor Troy's message: "What's the Next Step," where he looks a back at where we've come and then looks forward to our hope for the future. 

Pastor Troy's Letter to the Congregation

Hello FreeChurchers and Friends!

From the day we launched weekly services on a cold February Sunday morning in 2010, it’s been amazing journey. We’ve seen God do some truly miraculous things in the life of our congregation. We knew planting a church would be a lot of work—and it has been! We've met in 3 different locations over the years, and each time we had to readjust our schedule, floor plan, and ministry models. Thankfully, we’ve had a volunteer base that shows up each week as early as 6am to shovel sidewalks, unload equipment, set up staging, audio & video systems, and chairs, and brew coffee. It has not always been easy...but I've always said that if just ONE person comes to know Christ because of what we’re doing, it will have been worth it.

It has been worth it. Over the past 8 year, we've seen 63 individuals commit their lives to Christ for the first time. We've had 81 individuals recommit their lives. And we've celebrated 24 baptisms. We are constantly blown away by the BIG things that God has done, and what he continues to do. No matter the work or the cost, we've learned that when God calls, we need to follow! 

Our leadership team began fasting and praying for God's direction this past winter. Over time it became apparent that God was beginning to orchestrate a big move for us. We watched door after door begin to open in ways that can only be attributed to God’s hand of providence. The result is an tremendous opportunity to meet in a new location. This new place has many advantageous qualities, but the biggest benefit is that we will no longer have to set up and break down each week! We are extremely grateful for the rock star production crew we’ve had serving for years, but we are looking forward to this new season that will allow us to focus more time and energy on our mission: to reach as many people as possible and teach them about Jesus. 

On May 13 we will begin worshipping at Brighton Presbyterian Church, Sundays at 11AM

Here are just a few of the advantages for this move:

  • Location: BPC is a beautiful, historic church. Because it's been around for over 200 years and because of it's central and well-known location, we will be able to  reach more people. It will be easy to tell guests where it is, as it can be seen right from Rt. 490!
  • Space: The church has a large sanctuary, office space, excellent children’s area, an industrial kitchen, and large fellowship center. There’s also plenty of free off-street parking.
  • Community: The church is home to several congregations and Rochester ministries, so we will have new opportunities to serve our community alongside other Christians! 
  • No Setup: Besides saving time, this will eliminate the physical wear-and-tear on our equipment (and our volunteers!). Our ministry teams can now focus their energy on people, rather than the nuts and bolts of a facility. 

We are excited and grateful for this new opportunity. The move will be a big transition, but the advantages and new opportunities will be well worth it! 

There are several ways you can help:

  • Give Online: If you'd like to support us in our mission to reach our community for Christ, please consider giving online.
  • Please Pray: We have seen the awesome power of prayer in this past few months, and we don't want to lose our focus on that! Please join us in praying for God's direction and blessing in this new season of ministry.

Thank you for your support over the past 8 years. We can't wait to see what God will do in the next 8!

— Pastor Troy